Grow Chat is a new SNS. Just use it to accumulate virtual currency. Start by reading the QR code - 憲法を改正して、自分の国は自分で守らないと多くの人が犠牲になる

The name of the new SNS scheduled to start from July 2 is Grow Chat.

AI (artificial intelligence) and a block chain are carried. The name of AI is ROBIN. It is the world's first.

Just by downloading this SNS, you can use the market named Green Box and wallet.

In this Green Box you can use the point currency called GBT.

By downloading the QR code with a smartphone and starting it once a day, it 1.2 yen in Japanese yen,Point currency (GBT) can be obtained.

You can do various things such as shopping and games with that GBT.

You can also exchange it with virtual currency such as bit coin.

This big plan is called Green Box Project.

It will be used by 500 million people worldwide in 2020.